Online persona

Photo credit: "Online ID dogtag" by Gideon Burton on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0  This week's topic on "Online participation and digital literacies" focused on getting us to think about our own identity in the online space. In our own PBL group, someone asked, how did you start moving into the digital space, and how did your identity … Continue reading Online persona


PBL group meeting – ONL171 PBL 6

We had our first ONL171 PBL Group 6 meeting, and it was wonderful knowing each other. Ours was such a varied group with members from Brisbane, Melbourne, Singapore, Pretoria, Sweden, France and Finland. Connecting and getting to know them, their work, their interests and passion, was good, we had a virtual tour of their workplaces! … Continue reading PBL group meeting – ONL171 PBL 6