First post: Open networked learning and my thoughts

My ONL journey has just started. I am looking forward to this journey – to learn from others’ experiences, to express my views, to articulate my ideas, to reflect on the discussions.

National University of Singapore (NUS) introduced  the eLearning week in 2009, and since then we, as academic developers have been encouraging our faculty to explore blended learning as an approach to teaching.  As part of this endeavour, I am here in this open Networked Learning (ONL) course. This course, I hope will further my knowledge – to look at strategies, good practices and better ways to support e-learning and blended learning on campus, so as to help our faculty create quality learning experiences using blended learning as a delivery option.

My other interest in joining this course was to learn about the development and sustaining of learning communities. And +Annica Rosvall shared an interesting analogy of “seeing online learning  communities as tamagotchi (digital pets)”, and the need for us to feed the community to sustain them.

This course has only just started, and I am already starting to see fascinating discussions, and I am excited to be here. Today will be the first topic, “Getting started and connecting”, but it seems like we are already connected.


2 thoughts on “First post: Open networked learning and my thoughts

  1. Hi! And… you know what – I think it´s the same with my professional learning network. On order NOT to feel lonely i have to feed my network. I will definitely follow you blog and I really looking forward to hear/meet/see/collaborate more with all you guys from Singapore. Exacting!


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