Connecting and networking 

“Collaboration and networking” was a key purpose in me getting drawn towards this course, and Alastair Creelman and others confirmed this at today’s webinar! I am excited at connecting with new contacts from around the globe!

When I signed up for this course, my main concern was would I be able to keep up with the meetings, readings and assignments. During the first webinar meeting yesterday, most of my fellow participants had the same concern – “lack of time”. The support and encouragement from the course facilitators and co-facilitators makes you feel at ease, and the feeling that it is going to be okay. The scaffolds provided in the course – introduction webinar, aims of the topics, clear instructions, activity tracker – provide a conducive platform to start off.

Learning through PBL is a new experience for me, and looking at the efforts put in by my facilitators in my PBL group, and the enthusiasm of my team mates in the PBL group, I feel that this is going to be fun! Just had a quick glimpse of the Fish Model  (Nerantzi and Uhlin, 2012), and looking forward to trying this model for our group work.

I started a blog many years back, but did not feed it with enough content/reflections.  As I started setting up my reflections blog, I was not sure if I will be able to sustain it, but the metaphors and tips from my PBL group is sure going to help. Alastair said starting a blog is “like having a puppy, it needs regular food and exercise” while Kay said it is “like a garden that needs regular maintenance and upkeep – with the need for regular weeding (spam, updates) and replanting and watering!”

I am glad that I am keeping up with the course outcomes: be familiar with the ONL171 learning environment, and to connect and network with my peers and facilitators.

Looking forward to my PBL group meeting!


One thought on “Connecting and networking 

  1. Hello Kiruthikaragu! I’m also a bit worried about how much time you ned for the course. Maybee the first topics is more time consuming. And when we find a understanding how we will approach the tobics it will go more smothly. And at the other hand it’s not som many weeks – and it’s som fun and interesting! It’s nice to have you in the group! / Charlotte

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