PBL group meeting – ONL171 PBL 6

We had our first ONL171 PBL Group 6 meeting, and it was wonderful knowing each other. Ours was such a varied group with members from Brisbane, Melbourne, Singapore, Pretoria, Sweden, France and Finland. Connecting and getting to know them, their work, their interests and passion, was good, we had a virtual tour of their workplaces!

Then we got into work – understanding more about the course, learning some tips for being successful on the course, requirements of the course, setting our own group rules!

Our facilitators explained on the usage of FISH template. As I was reading more about the template, I came across the slide share on “Learning Collaboratively: A Mini Guide” by Nerantzi. This is a useful guide. It talks about the 5C Framework for social learning, a framework that provides a useful scaffold and structure for thinking about collaborative online learning – connecting, communicating, curating, collaborating, and creating.

I have used similar frameworks (e.g., “Gilly Salmon’s 5 stage model of learning and teaching online”) when planning my own academic development workshops for faculty members at my institution. But now, putting it to use for your own work is exciting!

Nerantzi and Gossman (2015) reports the experience of participants in an ONL environment and and how it affected learning within facilitated PBL groups. It also explores the value of such a programme in the context of the professional development of academics in higher education, and puts forth the idea of offering a model for team work putting in place a pedagogical design for collaborative learning that is tailored the team’s interests, and time commitments.

These experiences in this course, i hope will help to to critically review, and may be help me in planning such courses in the future and improve how we we support the NUS community.

Nerantzi, C. & Gossman, P. (2015). Towards collaboration as learning: evaluation of an open CPD opportunity for HE teachers. Research in Learning Technology, [S.l.], v. 23, aug. 2015. ISSN 2156-7077. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.3402/rlt.v23.26967

Salmon G. (2013) E-tivities: The Key to Active Online Learning. 2013; Oxon: Routledge. 2nd edn.


One thought on “PBL group meeting – ONL171 PBL 6

  1. Thank you for your post! I liked reading the articles as well, and this is what I love about ONL blogging, I learn so much from what others have assembled in their posts. 🙂 The support part is important, and when I saw your first post it also spoke quite clearly about what kind of scaffolding is needed in an online course.


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