What does it entail to be a good educational technologist?

An educational technologist is one who engages actively in researching, analysing, designing, developing, implementing and evaluating processes and tools to support and enhance learning with the use of  technologies (Seels & Richy, 1994).  Educational technologists are also sometimes referred to as learning technologists. Came across this wonderful post titled “On being a Learning Technologist” by … Continue reading What does it entail to be a good educational technologist?


New Beginnings!

Every end is the beginning of a new journey!  It holds true for me! For many years,  learning in communities has been something that I wanted to do well. I wanted to explore on building, fostering and sustaining a community of practice, and to understand how this would help in creating a positive learning experience. … Continue reading New Beginnings!

Collaborate, we did!

Davidson et. al (2014) studied the small-group learning approaches, namely the cooperative, collaborative, problem-based, and team-based learning. They highlighted key differences and similarities between these various approaches. I was more interested in the difference/similarity between cooperative and collaborative learning. In cooperative learning, small-group of students work, learn and support each other for achieving a common … Continue reading Collaborate, we did!