New Beginnings!

Every end is the beginning of a new journey!  It holds true for me! For many years,  learning in communities has been something that I wanted to do well. I wanted to explore on building, fostering and sustaining a community of practice, and to understand how this would help in creating a positive learning experience. … Continue reading New Beginnings!


Collaborate, we did!

Davidson et. al (2014) studied the small-group learning approaches, namely the cooperative, collaborative, problem-based, and team-based learning. They highlighted key differences and similarities between these various approaches. I was more interested in the difference/similarity between cooperative and collaborative learning. In cooperative learning, small-group of students work, learn and support each other for achieving a common … Continue reading Collaborate, we did!

Learning in Communities: Why is it important to me?

Learning in communities – why is this important to me? Recently when I started on a course on open networked learning (ONL course), what drew me to this was the concept of learning in communities. In particular, the topic on "learning in communities – networked and collaborative learning" has been of special interest to me. Learning … Continue reading Learning in Communities: Why is it important to me?

Student engagement and participation in online learning (Part 1)

Maintaining and cultivating student engagement in an online course is important to make it less challenging for students to participate.  Online learning courses have taken various forms and types – distance learning courses, massively open online courses (MOOC), open schedule online courses, fixed schedule courses, open networked learning courses, flipped courses, blended learning courses, hybrid … Continue reading Student engagement and participation in online learning (Part 1)