Collaborate, we did!

Davidson et. al (2014) studied the small-group learning approaches, namely the cooperative, collaborative, problem-based, and team-based learning. They highlighted key differences and similarities between these various approaches. I was more interested in the difference/similarity between cooperative and collaborative learning. In cooperative learning, small-group of students work, learn and support each other for achieving a common … Continue reading Collaborate, we did!

What is education for? Biesta (2015): Summary & Reflections

During a recent lunch conversation with colleagues we had an interesting discussion on an article that questions what is education for (Biesta, 2015).  This topic intrigued me, and that night when I got back I read the article. It lets you take a step back and brings you back to the basics that needs attention. … Continue reading What is education for? Biesta (2015): Summary & Reflections

Learning in Communities: Why is it important to me?

Learning in communities – why is this important to me? Recently when I started on a course on open networked learning (ONL course), what drew me to this was the concept of learning in communities. In particular, the topic on "learning in communities – networked and collaborative learning" has been of special interest to me. Learning … Continue reading Learning in Communities: Why is it important to me?